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Digital Health Passport
Good to know - for users of the Digital Health Passport.
Good to know - for users of the Digital Health Passport.

Describes core features and benefits available to users of the Digital Health Passport. As well as clinical safety and information security.

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The Digital Health Passport is currently focussed on Asthma and Allergies with more conditions on our roadmap.

Clinical Input

It has been designed with input from asthma and allergy specialists across the NHS.

The Asthma component was designed with an Asthma Clinical Advisory Group under the cross-London Healthy London Partnership NHS.

The Allergy component was designed with input from Allergy Specialists in Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Input from young people with Asthma and Allergies.

The app is constantly being improved by involving young people in it's co-design. This has included numerous workshops, school visits, focus groups and surveys.

Clinical Safety

The Digital Health Passport is covered by DCB0129 which is the NHS Digital's standard for Clinical Safety for suppliers of software into the NHS.

Information Security

Tiny Medical Apps is an ISO27001 certified company. Which is the industry standard for Information Security. We are also Cyber Essentials+ certified. Both are externally audited each year. We comply and exceed the standards of the Digital Security and Protection Toolkit (NHS Digital).

We are registered with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as a Data Controller.

You can view our Privacy Notice here:


The Digital Health Passport has a rating of 89% for IOS and 88% for Android from ORCHA (global leader in providing trusted reviews of Digital Health apps).

NHS Approval

The Digital Health Passport is one of only two Asthma apps approved to be in the NHS Apps Library.


The Digital Health Passport has these core benefits:

  1. A personalised journey which covers the most important content and functionality within the app and lets you carry on form where you left off.

  2. Curated videos and information pages from Asthma and allergy specialists. Including Asthma UK, Beat Asthma, Anaphylaxis Campaign, and syndicated NHS website content. Alongside this content we have short quizzes to help cement knowledge.

  3. Air Quality: We provide localised air quality information; including Pollution, Pollen and weather.

  4. Symptom tracking for both asthma and allergy.

  5. Peak Flow diary.

  6. Medication reminders that can be triggered by time or place.

  7. Access to a generic Emergency Plan for people with either (or both) Asthma and Allergies.

  8. A place to upload your personalised Asthma Plan and/or Allergy Plan.

  9. Timeline - a place to review your journey by month.

  10. Profile - a place to look at your overall journey.

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