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How to set up the Digital Health Passport for your practice
How to set up the Digital Health Passport for your practice

Details of how you can set up the Digital Health Passport for your practice

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You can start using the Digital Health Passport following the following easy steps:

What you will need:

  • Welcome email confirming your practice shortcode

  • Accurx or similar SMS batch message provider

Step 1: Create your chort from your Electronic Health Record System

Select a target patient cohort (aged 14 to 18 years old inclusive) who are on the QOF register of patients with asthma (e.g. Patients with asthma who have been prescribed asthma related drugs in the preceding 12 months).

Step 2: Create SMS Templates for the Digital Health Passport

Create two practice templates within Accurx (or other SMS message system):

1. Digital Health Passport Invitation

2. Asthma Action Plan & Digital Health Passport Invitation

You will need to put your practice shortcode in as the download link which will be in your welcome email (e.g.

Step 3: Send a welcome email and instructions to relevant clinicians

Let your colleagues know that the Digital Health Passport is now live in your practice! Here is a suggested template:

Step 4: Send a SMS batch messages health campaign to patient cohort

Using your practice's SMS message system, use the Digital Health Passport Invitation template you’ve set up to send the app to your patient cohort.

More help on sending a batch message using Accurx can be found here:

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