You can find out how we protect your privacy in the DIgital Health Passport by visiting our Privacy Notice ( A summary is provided below.

1. What is the Digital Health Passport?

Digital Health Passport is a mobile app that allows users to keep a personal health record with them wherever they go. The app is designed to allow users to keep information about their health with them and link to their medical records at their GP surgery or hospital clinic.

2. What information do we collect from you?

We collect personal information such as your name and address in addition to sensitive information for example the health conditions you may have such as asthma or diabetes. We may also (with your approval) be able to link to your medical records at your GP practice or hospital clinic.

3. Why do we collect this information?

We store your personal and sensitive information so that we can provide you with an electronic copy of your personal medical records just like the records held by your GP or the doctors who care for you in the hospital. The aim is that with access to your medical record you will be better able to manage your health on a day to day basis.

4. Who might we share your information with?

We only share identifiable data with the people and organisation you choose to share it with. We do use anonymised data which cannot be linked to you individually to help research into improving the general health of the community.

5. What do we do with your information?

We store your information securely on computers linked to the Internet called servers. This means your data is preserved if you reinstall the app or login from a new device. This also allows you to share your information securely with those involved in your care.

6. How is it collected?

Some of the data within the app will be entered by you directly. Other information can be imported from your NHS health records if you agree to link your Digital Health Passport to your NHS record. If you choose not to link your Digital Health Passport to the NHS then it will only collect information that you enter manually.

7. How long do we keep hold of your information?

Data is stored within the Digital Health Passport permanently as long as you regularly use the app. Should you fail to use the app for over 18 months your data will be securely deleted. This is to ensure that we only hold data for users who wish to use the service. If your account is not being used for more than 6 months you will be sent reminders to let you know that your data will be deleted. To prevent this just log back into the Digital Health Passport

8. How can I access the information you hold about me?

You can contact Tiny Medical Apps Ltd to request a copy of the personal data that Tiny Medical Apps Ltd has stored about you. To do so email or write to us at the address below:

Tiny Medical Apps Ltd
Canterbury House,
1 Royal St, Lambeth,
0207 859 4169

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