The ‘Health Passport’ app enables you to put your personal asthma action plan directly onto your mobile phone, enabling you to track your symptoms, peak flow, and hospital visits. If your asthma is getting worse you spot it early and know when to seek help. In addition, the app integrates daily pollen counts, localised air pollution readings, and a weather tracker to enable you to identify external factors that may also contribute to your ill health, without you realising.

The Digital Health Passport has been commissioned by the NHS Healthy London Partnership (HLP) with a focus on improving outcomes for young people with asthma and other long-term conditions.

The app is using a digital version of an approved and validated asthma self-management plan, known as a Personalised Asthma Action Plan. In this case we are replicating (with permission) the Asthma Action Plan developed by Asthma UK that is widely used across the UK.

The use of a personalised asthma action plan is recommended in national guidelines produced by NICE and the British Thoracic Society (BTS). It is a measurable quality standard from NICE that all patients with asthma have a written personalised asthma plan.

Additionally the Digital Health Passport records symptom data from patients (Patient Recorded Outcome Measures [PROMs]). Patients who record symptom data and share with their clinicians have been shown to have improved outcomes in a number of health conditions, although it is recognised that further work needs to be done refining the PROMs for use in asthma particularly for children and young people.

The Digital Health Passport has been designed and developed to make it easier for patients to record and share their symptom data with their clinicians.

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